Drop Gecko Ecom Store Review

Hi Terry Till here again to give you a down to earth review of the new ecommerce store solution being released by Cindy Donovan and her highly successful online product team of experts.

Drop Gecko is Cindy’s new product and I think she has really hit the nail on the head with this one as there is a huge demand for creating an estore but in the past the way you went about this problem was limited and usually cost quite a bit of money in ongoing monthly fees.

Your Own Ecommerce Store

Now I have a few estore’s myself so I can tell you from my own experience the attraction of owning an estore is one well worth following as there is money to be made. However when I first started to get involved the main way being promoted was by setting up your store through shopify as this presented a fairly fast and easy way to set up your first store and I quickly realised that this was not the ideal way as was being told by the many so called “gurus”.

Well when I say fast and easy even shopify had a fairly large learning curve and then when you thought that was it and you had you shop set up you realized that there where specialist theme’s to buy and then regular monthly fees to pay not only for the shopify store but also the required add on plug ins that made your store competitive.

I changed over my stores, after some considerable expense, to wordpress and the woocommerce plugin which I preferred as I had experience with WordPress and there were no on going monthly fees but this would be quite a challenge for a newbie and learning how to do this, although not hard, would take some considerable time and again there would be a pretty large learning curve to over come.

Well thankfully if you want to start an ecom store Cindy Donovan’s new DropGecko store creator has just made everything for you so much simpler.

Cloud Based

Dropgecko is a cloud based system and you really will find setting up your first and and any further stores dead simple.

Let’s listen to Cindy to see and hear more about DropGecko.

Your Own eCommerce Store Live & Open For Business In Under 10 Minutes

100% Cloud Based, Nothing to Download, Install & No Hosting Fees

Guaranteed HOT Selling Products & Very Newbie Friendly Profit System

Automatic, One-Click Order & DeliveryWith Our Included Chrome Extension

Ecommerce is hugh and it’s growing at a tremendous rate, just look at this web graphic to see why having your own ecommerce store would benefit you and create for you the perfect online business.

Once you have your store set up you will be able to take full advantage of using the drop shipping method to provide goods to your future customers.

Drop Shipping

Basically drop shipping means that you have products displayed on your ecommerce store for sale but you do not have to physically buy any goods upfront your self. Once someone buys an item from your store you then send an order for the item direct to an wholesaler who ships out the item directly t the customers shipping address. You have been paid the money for the item by your customer and in turn you have paid the wholesaler his product price to send the item out. The item is sent out without any indication of it having come from an wholesaler so the customer is perfectly happy that you have sent the item and this gives you the opportunity in turn to start off a business for very lttle outlay.

It’s a business system that has been running in practice by many of the giant offline shops and retailers for a good many years and works perfectly well. Now it’s time for you to take advantage of the system to set up your own successful online store and you can sell just about anything you wish as there are wholesalers for everything you could imagine.

Of course when you get DropGecko all this information is explained in far greater detail and you will be able not only to set up your store but also to make connections to the top wholesalers and products distributors that you will need to make your store operate 100% successfully.

Are there any one time offers.

Yes there are some oto’s with drop gecko.

OTO 1 – Drop gecko pro. Delicious traffic solutins plus 7 other pro features. $197, $97 per year or $19.97 monthly.

OTO 2 – Gecko mail $197 per year or $27 per month.

OTO 3 – Agency to create, sell or flip up to 10 sites per month $97, $67 per year.

OTO 4 – Reseller 100% seller commissions less 50% admin fees for recurring $297.

So now’s your chance to start your own successful online ecommerce store and there’s an early bird sale on the price at the moment so why not go there straight away to see how you can get started now.

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