Covert Commissions

I have been looking at covert commissions recently and I have to say I am highly impressed not only by the system but also by the support that is given by the owner Cindy Donovan.

As with any of my reviews I aim to tell you the bad points as well as the good points, let’s be honest I am trying to build up a long term relationship with you and you would soon get wise if I only had good things to say about every product.

OK having got that out of the way let’s take a look at covert commissions and see how this baby works.

Well after joining you are presented with a well laid out admin area in which to do you selection of modules with which you are going to promote. Now the whole system works on modules and so in this way Covert Commissions does differ in the way it presents things to you compared to other affiliate systems but none the less once you get accustomed to the idea it does work well.

You Are Given Credits

You are given so many credits when you first join and by upgrading or completing certain tasks you are able to acquire more credits. The reason for these credits is to buy the missions or different affiliate tools to help you progress with your online business.

Inside the admin area you will see on the left hand side of the page your admin menu and within this menu you will see your current missions owned and then the new missions page tab which holds all of the available missions or affiliate products you can buy with your available credits.

It was a new approach to me when I first joined and now that I am getting the hang of the system I have to say I like the idea. You only need to get what you want and what you can promote at the time you obtain the new product.

New Missions

On the point of the new missions or products available I have to say Cindy does you proud and there’s everything there you will need to get started and build up a substantial affiliate business.

As far as Cindy is concerned I have to say I have never met such an enthusiastic and helpful owner of an affiliate system. I say this with all honesty that Cindy will do whatever it takes to help you with any problems you may have and assist you in moving from newbie to accomplished online marketer. If you are really interested in making a living online then you will not find a better person to help and guide you than Cindy Donovan and her team.

OK that all sounds good Terry so what about the bad points of the Covert Commission system then.

What Are The Bad Points?

Well yes the system is not perfect and like any online marketing venture it’s not going to do the work for you. Cindy provides the tools and the help to get you going but you will have to do the daily work in promoting your business and as with any of these projects you have to be prepared, if starting from scratch, to go through lean times before you start getting all the fat commission rewards. I think anyone sensible about these things though should and would probably accept and expect this. Also as with most of these systems although the basics are there for everyone it is when you upgrade through the system that you really start to get momentum going and you get the bigger and better rewards that all of us are seeking to achieve.


So all in all, although this is only a brief description, I can truly say that joining Covert commissions was well worth while and it is one system I truly enjoy promoting as I know that it is a sound system with excellent products. I also know that with Cindy at the helm you have a true and trusted captain to guide through all those choppy waters you encounter when first starting the exciting but sometimes perilous journey of online affiliate marketing.

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