Insta-minator Powerful Profit Solution Review


Hi Terry Till here with a review of the latest offering from Mosh Bari and Jason Fulton, intriguingly called Insta-minator. Jason says it’s called that because it brings instant results.

Now both Mosh and Jason are super experienced marketers and have a super high standard of producing and bringing to the market superior software and training.

I have to say after going through my copy of Insta-minator I can truthfully say that this software and the training provided with it are no exception and have shown me some methods of marketing I shall be putting into action straight away.

Insta Minator Marketing Software

So what is Insta-minator and how will it help you in your online marketing business.

Well taking an initial look at the sales page the main headline says “Crank Out An EASY $333.54 Per Day Starting As Soon As Tomorrow – No Skills, website Or Even A Traffic Budget Needed!”.

The training shows how Mosh and Jason were able to achieve these daily payouts using a brand new method using a break through software. They also show proof of how they have trained their students to achieve similar results too.

Mosh and Jason say that their new software and training will provide:

  • Insta-Results – get traffic in hours, and make consistent 3 figure profits starting from DAY ONE
  • Insta-Easy – absolutely no tech skills or previous experience needed
  • Insta-Automation – INCLUDED software lets you create ‘set & forget’ profit campaigns
  • Get Paid To Have FUN – system works in ANY niche so you can turn hobbies into cash
  • Easy To Scale to full-time income – multiple profit growth hacks INCLUDED with the system
  • Lowest Cost income model anywhere – bank WITHOUT needing websites, hosting or even autoresponders
  • Complete, CUSTOM traffic methods included – both free & premium systems covered from A-Z
  • Unlimited Versatility – use the system by itself or apply it to other methods for explosive results

Mosh Bari says that this is a system that anyone will be able to profit from including both newbies and experienced marketers alike.

Use my link to get your copy of Insta-minator.

So What’s The Price and OTO’S

So what is the price of this new software and training and are there any one time offers.

The launch has started and at the moment there is an early bird price in place of $12.95 but as with most of these launches it is a temporary price for the launch only and will rise soon.

As to OTO’s or one time offers there are four.

Done For You Insta-Minator Campaigns ($37)
Insta-Minator is a comprehensive method and everything is shown in the front end product. This upsell is the next logical step in the training for buyers.

Here they give you and their students an opportunity to have the Insta-Minator method done for them by using their DFY campaigns at a proven value for money $37 price point.

Insta-Minator Money Machines ($197)

With this module they are going to build for their customers 20 upcoming LIVE Insta-Minator Money Machines for them to promote.

This means that you will be the FIRST to promote these offers using the Insta-Minator System, plugging in a new offer every single week, effectively 20x your income.

This is SUPER powerful, being able to promote BRAND NEW offers to your subscribers BEFORE anyone else.

It’s like having your very own ATM machine depositing cash into your pocket.

Advanced Insta-Minator Tactics ($47)

While you and their students get everything they need to succeed in the main course.
This upgrade is extra training that will show you ADVANCED tactics to scale your Insta-Minator income and get results faster using a completely unique approach to writing compelling emails that get opened.

Not only that, you’ll come up with content within minutes , getting tons of commissions deposited directly into your Paypal account…

Set This Up On Autopilot ($77)

They are going to show you how to set up Insta-Minator to run 100% AUTOMATED by outsourcing EVERYTHING!
This opens the flood gates to those commissions flying in every single month while you can then focus on other money making parts of your business.

License rights ($97)

Here you get the opportunity to sell Insta-Minator as your own product and keep 100% of the entire funnel’s revenue.

What are the negative points of Insta-Minator

You will need probably about half an hour to an hour daily at first to get this working for you and then of course each month you will want to promote new products so you will then have to do the same sort of work to get those new campaigns set up. Of course you can by the OTO that offers this complete set up already done for you which would eliminate this aspect of work.

Personally I am really impressed by Insta-Minator and I know that both Mosh and Jason are trusted marketers who offer the real deal when it comes to software and training so now it is up to you. If you are prepared to put in the initial training and small amount of work required to get this system working then you will succeed but that is a question only you will know the answer to.

I am enjoying the training and learning something completely new so I hope you will join me and let’s make this baby work dividends for all of us.


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