Vid Chomper Review and Bonuses

Hi it’s Terry here and I want to provide you with my review of Vid Chomper the latest product offering from internet marketers Brendan Mace and Jono Armstrong.

As you know both Brendan and Jono have been at the top of the internet marketing game for several years now and both are well known for earning easily $50,000 each per month purely from working online while I might add traveling the globe.

Anyway back to Vid Chomper and what exactly is it and how will it help you with your online business.

Well basically Vid Chomper automates a system of video promotion that has been used by quite a few people to gain thousands of viewers to their websites. An automated traffic provider that is proven to work but before this software tool was launched this technique would take some considerable time and effort to put into practice.

So how would you use it.

The software is quite easy to use and what it allows you to do is search for keyword related videos and then chomp, or splice them, together to make unique videos that you can upload to Youtube and use to promote your own websites and products.

In addition to the rendered videos you can also add intro and outro videos so you can completely customize and brand these videos and make then really unique to you.

The videos searched are all available for you to use for your own purposes because they are listed under the commons license rights section of Youtube which means this will be perfectly legal and ethical.

The whole process of producing these unique videos will now take minutes to research and produce rather than the hours you would have spent previously.

The results although not guaranteed can be pretty terrific and give you lots of quality unique visitors to your websites and products whatever niche you may be in.

At the moment of writing this review Vid Chomp has just been launched and is available at a hugely discounted price.

Your Bonuses

So click the button and get your copy now because this is a software you will use and benefit from for many months and years to come.

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