Funnel Five – The Ultimate Funnel

Funnel Five was recently launched and immediately upon seeing it I released a gasp of instant approval because of how simple the concept was yet how dynamic the results could be with a little effort and busy but patient endeavor.

So I can hear you all saying OK, OK Terry calm down what is Funnel Five and what the heck is a funnel anyway.

Well a funnel is just a simple means of showing a potential customer an item that may be of interest to them and then leading them through a series of stages that develops more on that original idea of interest.

For instance you may say it is like buying a pair of shows from a store and after you had bought the shoes the assistant would say well I am so glad you like the shoes so would you like a cleaning kit specifically made to enhance the appearance of your shoes to go with that.

You of course want to take care of your shoes so you say yes I would like to buy that item too.

The assistant would then say would you like a tin of this specially formulated polish to maintain the appearance and long lasting use you will be able to get from your shoes and again you would say, well yes.

See what I mean you are being lead through a series of additional stages or a funnel from the original purchase to a final destination where you have purchased several items.

All the items are associated and together enhance your original purchase.

Well Funnel Five does exactly the same thing only with an online presence and digital goods.

Funnel Five was designed and built by Lee Murray and Momen Khaiti two very well respected and successful marketers.

The system in essence promotes five products, hence the name funnel five, and all of these products have a specific role to enhance each other while for the marketer provide a solid platform to build a stable long lasting passive monthly income.

The products very in so far as some pay virtually instant rewards while others are designed to build a passive income over time. A successful blend of the two giving a brilliant total money making income package that really anyone, be they newbie or experienced marketer, can benefit from.

Sign up for the five programs within the Funnel Five system.

The five products within the Funnel Five system are:

MyLeadGenSecret (MLGS)

Global Domains International (GDI)


MyOnlineSartUp (MOS)

Gutter To Gold

I won’t go into the details of each program as some may be known to you and some may be completely new however once you enter the system all is explained in great detail about each program and how they will benefit the end users and supplement your business.

The actual Funnel Five system itself runs on a two page website platform so is extremely easy to navigate and see how to make it work for you.

The front end page is a sign up page where you simply put your best email address to receive confirmation of being accepted into the funnel and then you are lead onto the second page which describes each each program and provides you with a link to join.

At the footer of the page is a button that generates your very own link that you can then use to tell others about the funnel and programmed with your specific referral links ensuring that you get full credit for anyone who joins the system from your efforts.

You really need to see this to see what it is all about and how you can use this simple but highly dramatic income producing system to build and benefit your present and future monthly passive income.

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