have paid me. So many hits why you should join now.

So Many Hits

I have previously written a article about the SoManyHits program that allows you to join for free and use their website link shortener tool and tracking tool.

This alone makes the program fantastic value and something you really should consider signing up for, well lets face it what have you got to lose. All these tools for free.

However the SoManyHits program goes far more than that and pays you to refer members who upgrade in the system. Yes even as a free member you can earn money from the SoManyHits program as well as use all the tools that you would normally have to pay for.

Well you might think if it is so good free then why would anyone want to upgrade and it is pretty simple to see why because after you upgrade and get extra facilities on the already tremendous tools you also have an immediate pay rise and start earning incredible amounts for other members upgrades.

There is no pressure to upgrade and you will notice that your members will willingly want to upgrade themselves because of the tremendous value being offered by the program.

Of course you may think this all sounds terrific but wonder if they actually pay and I can confirm that not only here in writing but have also created a video regarding that very matter on YouTube which you can watch here.

So to summarize let me say that the SoManyyHits program is absolutely a bargain for the tools which are provided and as stated yes you can use them completely free.

You can earn from the the people you introduce to SoManyHits who then decide to upgrade .

If you should decide to upgrade yourself then you will see ever=n richer pickings too.

Take a look at the SoManyHits program here.

4 Comments on “ have paid me. So many hits why you should join now.”

  1. Hi Terry,

    I agree, this is a great little program and I am a member of SMH myself. The tools you get for the price you pay is fantastic.

    The only negative I have found is that when sending traffic to their capture pages the new leads only get one email. There is no follow up seqence whatsoever which doesn’t make sense to me. It’s common knowledge that a lead usually needs at least 7 exposures before a decision is made.

    I wouldn’t think for a minute that I’m the only one to have noticed this. I would imagine this is costing them an awful lot of signups.

    Other than that, like I say, it’s a good system.

    1. Hi Gene. Thank you for the great comment and you make a very valuable point. However do you mean that after they sign up to SMH’s they only get one email follow up, if so then you would have their email address in your back office which you can export and then import into an auto responder of your choice. Also keep in touch because I have a funnel and email system which takes care of this as it revolves around SoManyHits and could help you a lot. Terry

  2. Hi Terry,

    I’ve joined SMH and enjoying getting to grips with it. The features are amazing in a free program, but as you say, I upgraded to get the pay-rise LOL

    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark

    1. Hello Joy,

      Yes the FREE version is a great program to use and it does pay but I think you made a very wise move in upgrading. Do some promoting and telling people and your traffic lines will soon start to grow. This will inevitably mean payments coming through to you soon and regularly. BTW I use Transferwise to accept money from SoManyHits and they auto send to my bank without any fuss or bother.

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