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I added another hosting package to my stable a few months ago as I was looking for extra capacity and wanted a good wordpress hosting company with great service.

I had heard some great reports about SiteGround and so I started to do some research  on them to get reviews and general feedback.

Everything I read seemed good but like most of these things the rue proof of the pudding is in the eating, to quote a famous saying.

Well has I said I signed up to SiteGround hosting a few months ago and I have to say that I have not been disappointed.

Hosting Packages

I signed up with their GoGeek package which was best suited to my needs although they had other hosting deals which gave great cover and for less monthly premium.

As far as their service I can only say that for one reason or another when I have had to contact them they have given a brilliant service always answering emails or direct response on their live chat system.

This is an honest review and yes I do recommended them with my affiliate link which means that I will get a commission should you use it to take out a package but I could have easily recommended others that pay more.

SiteGround Review Summary

The reason I give an excellent review of SiteGround is because I know you will get great service and value for money and will not be disappointed to be with a superb web hosting company.

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