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With the internet alight with video’s it seems that to really get noticed you have to create your own original and visually appealing video to get noticed.

You’ve probably seen that the buzz word of 2018: “Video”. In fact, it’s pretty much a video band wagon, where nearly every product that is released seems to include the word “video” in it…

…even if it’s totally unrelated!

Most of the popular video player’s are incredibly feature rich, tech savvy works of art. In fact, you really have to¬† admire how good there features are. So what is the problem you may well ask?

These video players have obviously been built by GREAT technical people…BUT in most cases, many are poor marketers. It’s NOT the amazing features that makes a video sell… its the ENGAGEMENT.

And guess what? Doodle videos are proven to be the biggest converting, cash sucking conversions tools online

Average Video Players may sell 2000 – 3000 copies….

I have found a great piece of video producing kit and what’s more you can get a copy for free.

Take a look here for your FREE copy of Easy Sketch Pro 3.

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