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Email Fire 2 Review and Bonuses by Terry Till

Email Fire 2 ReviewWelcome to my review of Email Fire 2! In case you weren’t already aware, my name is Terry Till from It’s truly fantastic that you’re here. If you want to enhance the quality of your life by earning your living (or even just a few extra bucks) on the web, then you’ll be well-served to continue reading. It’s now time to scrutinize the heck out of Kam Jennings’s Email Fire 2. By the time you’ve finished reading, you’ll know if this product is worthy of your consideration. Of course, if it’s a complete dud, I’ll certainly tell you! 😉 Sound fair? Great, let’s begin!…

Email Fire 2 – The Basics:

Kam Jennings created Email Fire 2 to help people make money online with Email Marketing, Internet Marketing, etc. The sales page of this training program claims that the training may be able to help you Over 12,000 words and 5 weeks worth of emails for the internet marketing niche… Let’s see if this type of achievement is realistic for you. But first things first… In this 5 weeks worth of induction cold leads to warm buyers email sequence. A number of bonuses are also included, such as PLR RIGHTS ON AN ENTIRE SEASON OF TAKEAWAY OF THE DAY!, and 4 ENTIRE SEASONS OF IM QUICK TIPS! That’s over 50 videos of purely actionable content.. These bonuses do seem to compliment the offer pretty well. And if you happen to buy Email Fire 2 through my link today, I’ve got some irresistible bonuses for you, as well. At the conclusion of this review, I’ll hit you with the details. We first need to give Email Fire 2 itself a closer look…

How Much Is Kam Charging for Email Fire 2?

Cost is always the first thing I look at, actually. Big, drawn-out price reveals, saved until the end of a presentation, tend to annoy me. At the time of this writing, $10.80 is what Email Fire 2’s selling for. Well, at least that’s how much it costs at the time of this writing. I believe Kam plans to raise it soon.

Does Email Fire 2 Include Any Upsells?

You can order as many as four upgrades. Included among these are Video Supplemental to Email Fire 2 for $27.00, PLR rights to Email Fire 1 and Email Fire 2 as well as PLR rights to 27 more Epic Conversions’ products at $47.00, My Email Fire 2 LIVE masterclass series. A 3 day interactive virtual event where I teach the strategies and tactics I used while creating the Email Fire series. at $197.00, The Super 20 Club which will give people the ability to get 100% affiliate commissions throughout all of my sales funnel at $45.00 recurring. These seem to possess a “value-added” characteristic, being that the effectiveness of the front end product is enhanced by them. However, please don’t think that you NEED them in order for Email Fire 2 to work. Really, Kam’s main product is TOUTED as being able to work all on its own. The question is… Is it REALLY going to?

Email Fire 2 Review… Does Email Fire 2 Actually Work?

Let’s just get right to it. Will Email Fire 2 actually help you make any money? Unfortunately, the “annoying” truth is… it really depends on you. The product itself does seem pretty legit to me, at first glance. What I find is that more times than not, a system will totally work, but you have to be able to actually employ what’s being taught for a long enough period of time. The trouble is, most systems just aren’t very quick to work. It’s also likely that they require a ridiculous amount of effort from you. So you don’t bother because it’s hard to justify investing all of that time and effort in something that you don’t know for sure will pay off. Email Fire 2 seems to differentiate itself from many other internet marketing induction email sequence in that Kam really knows his craft and delivers a great package at incredible value. When all is said and done, if you can squash your doubt and just get to work for a little while, I bet you’ll be pulling in an income within a very short span of time. It’ll still require some trust, effort, and patience on your part… just not tons of it. 🙂 So what kind of time frame can you expect to start making money within? The official product page states that it can happen in as little as 5 weeks. This does seem feasible to me, after having gone through the product myself. If you’re okay with that, then maybe you should strongly consider picking up Email Fire 2 today. No income guarantees can be made here, just to be clear. Different people get different results. And these results can vary wildly. With that said, I think that you’ll do great if you just follow Email Fire 2 as it’s laid out for you! Of course, as with any program, there are certainly bad points to go with the good. We’ll take a look at some of the pros and cons of Email Fire 2 now. When we’re finished with that, I’ll reveal my bonuses, which were designed to help you maximize (and speed up) your online success. 🙂

Email Fire 2 Pros:

  • Simple to copy and paste
  • Extremely effective
  • Written by top affiliate marketer

Email Fire 2 Cons

  • Possibility others will use these but not really a big problem
  • Takes 5 weeks to become effective
  • None they are just excellent

I wouldn’t say that these negatives really hurt your chances of success in fact there are really no negatives and a whole host of positives why you should get this cracking email induction 5 week series.

As a bonus I will work with anyone one on one to help you succeed with these emails and any other related IM problems you may have. What it comes down to is, I emphatically want to know that you’ve given yourself every advantage to succeed here today! This bonus offer just so happens to have been designed to make this happen. I do my best to avoid offering “25,000 value bonus package” nonsense, as this would only insult your intelligence and not really help you. These types of unrealistically priced bonuses are are likely to be comprised of outdated, ineffective master resell rights foolishness. They aren’t actually designed to get you closer to your goal of actually making money online. My bonuses, on the other hand, are. In all, I’d say that Email Fire 2 is worth the small investment, and then some. If you agree, then you can grab it through my link today. Make a note, the price is rising, so don’t wait around. Email Fire 2 and my white-hot bonuses are about to give you an unbelievable chance at enjoying the success you truly deserve. I hope you take this and run with it, my friend. It’s been fantastic to see you here today. I truly hope this has helped you to make the best decision for you. Now go get paid! 😉 – Terry Till


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