Earn Easy Commissions EEC New Member Level Payments Plan


Hey everyone this was a post I made a little while ago but since February 2019 this program has now been completely updated ad has been improved tremendously.

All the links below have been updated to take you to the website where you will be able to watch updated videos explaining how this fantastic plan now works.

From the 14th November Earn Easy Commissions EEC have revised their whole
business structure and for the better if I may say so.

Earn Easy Commissions is an affiliate marketing system that provides
comprehensive training to be an internet marketer and also provides
many products and services that will assist you on your internet journey.

The system was constructed and owned by Chuck Nguyen, a canny internet marketer
who has made considerable money online but whom I should say is a genuine
guy who is now trying to help others replicate his success.

The change to the system made by Chuck, who owns the system, makes a far better platform this new payment method and will provide much better payouts for all new and current members.

Free Members

As a basic step all new members will still be able to join for free if they
wish and will earn from referring qualified people.

The definition of a qualified member is one that joins and meets the qualifying terms stated by EEC and Chuck. These qualifying terms are explained by Chuck in his videos that welcome you to EEC. To get
paid you also need to have a Paypal account.

The new FREE membership or VIP membership levels offer a great platform.

This article was written explaining the previous system so please use the links provided to see the videos how the new system has been updated.

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The are:

A free member who has not upgraded to become an active member.
An active member.
A Pro member.
A VIP member.

Let’s Explore Membership Levels

Let’s explore what you will get paid for in each category of membership level.

An active member is someone who sets up their EEC money system. This money system
will help them build up their email list, help them earn autopilot commissions from
the systems 100 email follow ups, unlock $2.00 per active member commissions, unlock
$20 per pro upgrade and $10 per pro 2nd tier commissions.

They will also be able to earn all of this by simply investing in two tools, Get response
and Clickmagick, which Chuck considers to be pretty much a must for any online business.

However in a change of heart to what Chuck had originally planned he has now said that
since some of his previous members didn’t want to even spend a single cent towards an
online business that is meant to help them live a dream lifestyle he had decided to add
a ‘Free’ level back in the system to accommodate them. A free member would not need to set
up their system to earn commissions. However, a free member will only be able to
earn $2 commissions per active member. No system. No 100x email follow ups. No pro sales and
no 2nd tier commissions. This level is literally just here for anyone who actually refuses to
spend a single cent towards their online business.

Then this is when the system gets really exciting.

A pro member will get a commission bump of $5 per active member, $100 per pro upgrade, $50 per
pro 2nd tier commissions, traffic commissions, book commissions and product commissions.
They will also get other benefits as well, as yet to be disclosed.

A VIP partner will earn everything a Pro member can earn but instead of a one time payment per
active member, they will earn recurring GR/CM commissions. VIP partners will also be able to
earn 100% commissions of $500/$2000 depending on which VIP package is being sold.

This has to be one of the best affiliate programs avalable to anyone interested in starting or
adding an additional income stream to their online marketing campaigns.

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