Affiliate Marketing In 2018

I have been online and involved with affiliate marketing since 2000 and one of the many questions that I get asked is “is affiliate marketing” still a viable way to make money online in 2018.

The short simple answer is yes it is but having said that you have to go a little deeper into how it has changed and how you need to change your methods and thought process of succeeding with affiliate marketing to be successful.

The basics of affiliate marketing remain the same in so far as you identify a product you want to promote and then send traffic to the promotion page in order to obtain sales, but that is where things start to become slightly different and you need to think outside of the box and develop new strategies to succeed.

I guess its now a matter of which ways are you going to use to drive traffic to your promotion and there’s a whole new subject and pages of information that can be involved here including Facebook ads, Instagram, Pinterest and a whole host of other social media sites, plus of course good old Google Adwords is still doing a grand job of providing targeted traffic.

I intend to write further blog posts on each of these different types of traffic driving methods as well as giving suggestions to where more detailed information videos can be found so that all in all you will be able to see which method or in fact all methods you can use to drive traffic to your affiliate promotions.

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