VidScripto Review And Bonuses

This is the transcript of my VidScripto review.

Hi everyone Terry here from
and this is my
review video of vidscrypto which
on wednesday the 7th of april at 9 00 am
eastern standard time

and basically in a nutshell what fits
crypto is
it’s a piece of software that will take
any uh
video so a video of youtube and it will
the uh actual video from the language
you’d see
to a language whichever you choose so if
you say
you’ve got a video in english and you
want it in spanish
this piece of software will do that it
will also
produce the text of the actual
speech as well and uh it’s just a
really great piece of software so if
that sounds something of
interest to you um then please uh stick

as i’m gonna go into the onto the sales
page and then into the actual members
but in the meantime as you can see i’m
on my actual bonus page
and i’m just going to show you the
bonuses which you can get if you pick up
fitscriptal with any of the links on my
bonus page
that would be any of these yellow
buttoned uh

buttons these are the links that will
take you to the sales page which is
this sales page here and then you’d
actually get the vidscripto
by clicking on the yellow button on the
actual sales page
uh but first of all if you come to the
bounce page obviously
you get all the bounces before the timer
reaches zero
click on any of these yellow buttons and
if we quickly run down my bonus page
there is a demo video there which i
would advise you to look at to get an
idea of how this works
it’s pretty straightforward but it’s
always worth looking at
any demo videos in any tutorial videos
just to get our hangers stuff before you
actually dive in

my balance number one provided could see
jono armstrong is uh called
uh the lost code which is uh
a funnel system and also a way of
getting traffic
and uh this was done by as i said john
now i’m strong i think it might have
been in conjunction with brendon mace
uh really great piece of script that you
can use
to build traffic and build an income um
bounce number two is how to get started
with seo
seo has always been an important factor
to get traffic to your websites and to
links etc so that’s a great
tutorial there explaining it in full
detail from a top professional
uh video sorry bonus number three
is the vidscripto uh guaranteed method
to make money online
so again provided uh by jono this is
a guaranteed method how you can
definitely make money online
and uh anything that you can make money
online if you’re in the affiliate
business is worth knowing
um bounce number four uh this was
a product i think created by jono
and darwin islam uh probably
sort of 12 months 9 to 12 months ago
but it’s still relevant today and it was
called the lockdown formula because of
situation uh

how to
produce an income and as i say still
relevant today and it still works
perfectly fine so that’s a great
sort of informational tutorial
showing you how to make an income from
this uh lockdown situation that we found
ourselves in
and still are today at the moment uh and
bonus number five
is obviously all the vendor bonuses any
bounces provided by the vendor
will be provided to you by the
bonus page and the members area as i say
you can get all those bounces by
on any of these yellow buttons
especially before the time reaches zero
uh it’s all now let me think it’s a
jvzoo product this
is and uh when you go to jvzoo to pick
up your product
you’ll get the actual bonuses uh by
clicking on this
uh little link that’s directly below
the screen button that’s for the product
so that’s where your bonuses will be
and by clicking on that link you’ll get
the bonuses and
about the product handling and the
bonuses are provided instantly
so it doesn’t matter what time of day or
night what part of the world you’re
accessing this from you’ll get all your
product and balances
straight away uh if we just move over to
the actual
sales page for this crypto
as you can see it says vidscripto uh
reach a true
global audience by smashing the language
barrier so
create unique fresh and quality content
from other people’s videos with the
world’s most advanced
viral video transcription translation
and voiceover tool so it’s a really
great piece of
kit use any videos and translate in any
with translated speech there we go
so uh as it says one-time investment now
monthly fees
commercial rights included as well
uh and you get that at any time by
clicking on
these yellow buttons 30-day money-back
quite a lot of information on this sales
page uh

so i’m not going to go too much into it
and just say obviously go through it in
your own time
but there is a lot of useful information
on there explaining how it all works uh
explaining obviously videos of such big
business and how
you know uh lots are done in english but
there’s lots of other language
and it says there you can now transcribe
and translate any video in a matter of
in 30 different languages with 100
different voices
so this is really a really neat piece of
and i can see this being used a lot
so and you know getting a lot of
audience getting a lot of views and
getting sort of into untapped markets
where you can uh
obviously uh find uh as i say on tap
marks to uh
make new leads and new incomes so uh
yeah lots of information down there on
sales page so obviously go through that
in your own time
and see everything that’s there um
and as i say when you’re interested in
getting actual software you can do that
by clicking
on the yellow the allow buttons
if we go over to the actual members area
this is where you’ll actually access the
this is the dashboard so it tells you
obviously all the
campaigns transcriptions work spaces all

different details about
what you’ve created you’ve got the
tutorial which i highly recommend you
watch that
first of all uh you’ve got a knowledge
base uh just coming down the left-hand
side to the menu now you’ve got a
knowledge base
so if you’re not certain of anything
although you can obviously contact
and i’m guessing or clicking on that
yellow button button right you’ll do
but by uh accessing the knowledge base
you can get a lot of information
straight away
right you’ve got mo my profile so
obviously you’re putting all your
details in there
then you’ve got all of the campaigns now
obviously just under
it’s actually open a little screen there
but uh on the top right of the dashboard
you can see create new campaign so that
is where you create a new campaign
to translate a new video into whichever
language you
chose so if you wanted to do english
video into spanish or
greek or whatever you’d click on the
create campaign
and then you’d start the process and
then once you’ve created
obviously on the left hand side menu

you’ve got all
uh campaigns so these would this would
be where all your campaigns would be
obviously there’s a lot of campaigns uh
this is a demo version so it’s a lot be
created in here by people
but this is where all your campaigns
would be and again
you’ve got new campaigns so you can
obviously do a new campaign there
um thumbnail creators so it’s obviously
also got this thumbnail creator to
you know put on youtube and then link
your uh
video to your thumbnail uh a video
engine to obviously search and find
uh by keyword and tags videos that are
ranking so you can use those to
create new ones but in new languages
a workspace area so this is where
obviously all your campaigns your users
when you created him all the actions etc
that you’ve taken
and that’s pretty much it really and so
back to your knowledge base in your
so it’s just a matter of creating a
campaign selecting a video you want to
transcribe into another language
click in the button and you know
obviously selecting the language
clicking the button and it does it for
and that’s your that’s your new video
which you can
create a thumbnail uh for and then
upload to youtube
and you’ve got completely new content in
a new language
which is absolutely fantastic or within
minutes so a great
really a great piece of software there
if i just come back to my bonus page
i’ll just go through the prices with you
so the front end of the video script pro
which is what you’ll get
is 37 and that gives you access
to the actual software and all the
training modules
and then you’ve got all this information
regarding everything that
the vid script pro front end will do for

you’ve then got upsell number one which
is the vidscripto ultimate which is 77
uh this allows you to embed videos on
your you
on your website with a single line of
code easily convert
viral videos into easily consumed
scripted videos blog posts
podcasts audio books or ebooks
to create lead magnets to grow your list
spin content script for ebooks download
txt pdf for ebook creation download
audio uh
the upgrade allows you to find the most
vital and trending videos and apply
all bits crypto functionalities to them
this upgrade also comes with a video
thumbnail creator that allows you to
create attention grabbing stunning
looking video thumbnails in three simple
uh pick a template or create from
scratch customize and publish
uh the thumbnail creator comes with a
hundred done for you templates that you
can choose from
fitscriptal ranker this is a powerful
easy to use video optimization
a ranking software that lets you
replicate the success of existing videos
and automatically use the same
on your videos to make to start ranking
number one
on youtube and google for even the
toughest keywords and
the keyword and niches works for all
languages and countries
so that’s where the descriptor ranker
comes in this upgrade allows you to
convert unlimited video
above 10 minutes uh upsell number two is
the vidscripto agency which is 97.
create client access by a separate
workspace dashboard so that’s where your
workspace comes in
so you can do your agency work this will
grow gives you access to create
unlimited workspaces for your clients
and vr
agents so that’s 97 you’ve got an upsell
number three which is the bits crypto
agency kit which is forty seven dollars
prospecting email swipes done for you
don’t view client getting whips website
done for your client
contract uh template done for you client
invoice template done for you social
marketing suite full media branding kit
including logos mockups etc a powerpoint
expert closer webinar slides
exclusive video marketing training so
that’s a really good
forty seven dollars really good uh
upsell number four
is the vid script out reseller white
now this varies from
i guess the reseller up to the white
liable version um
is 97 that’s obviously the reseller the
white libel version 297
um there could be variations within that
because it’s got 1500
unlimited licenses so it’s perhaps
reselling 97
and then the top end is 297 and there
could be something
for these different licenses within this
but within within that range 97 to 297
and that’s between 1500 un unlimited
admin dashboard and reseller admin panel
so i always recommend the reseller part
the white libel is even better but
obviously that’s a
well not a lot more money but a bit more
money uh the 97 for the reseller
because this is a this is a really
cracking piece of software so
you’re going to get a lot of uh interest
in this uh
we’ve got some benefit key benefit
points there so those are worth looking
and as i say watch this uh dem out here
obviously a far better
demonstration of where it all works and
is put together by the actual creators
and yet you get all my bounces all the
vendor bounces
all chopped in even if you just get the
front end offer
uh but i’ll definitely well i would
definitely look at the reseller
uh definitely well i like the agency kit
but i definitely look at the reseller
for 97
and if you could afford it the white
label would definitely give you a
product of your own
that you could make a lot of money out
besides using it yourself
you could really get a lot of use out of
this um

so yeah click any of these yellow
buttons on my boundaries page
you get everything chucked in all the
vendor bonuses all my bounces
all chucked in uh even if you only get
the front end offer
and not only that you’re getting a
really great piece of software you
really are
something that you could really
literally minutes upload lots and lots
and lots of videos and get lots of
uh in new markets because they’re
different languages
so really impressed with that um so
that’s vidscripto as i say
wednesday 7th of april launched
so uh yeah obviously if you’re watching
this video on youtube there’ll be a link
below this video
which click on that link and it will
take you to my bonus page
where you can click on any of these
yellow buttons to get the bonuses
and we actually get with scripter so
yeah i really write that i really think
definitely a piece kit worth having so i
hope you’ve enjoyed that vids crypto
and look forward to seeing you in the
next review as soon as
possible thank you for watching

Just click this link to see my bonus page and all the

bonuses you will get if you buy VidScripto with any

of my links.